Must Have Baby Items – Handy Helper

For the next few years you are going to have what seems like a kitchen full of plastic items, bowls plates, cot mattress, forks, spoons, bottles, sippy cups, trays, teats…. The list could go on all day.
What happens when you’re washing up plastic things in a hurry, or casually taking your time in some cases..?
They never, ever seem to just sit on the drainer like regular adult cutlery and tableware.
They don’t fit into the dish rack properly and usually end up rolling around with pools of water left in them.
Use the Handy Helper and all your problems are solves. The rubber prongs grab your items even in obscure positions and hold them in place to dry so that the water can drain out properly!
One of the most important decisions to make when having a baby is choosing which car seat to buy.
Ensure you read lots of car seat reviews before making your choice.
It is very important to get the right car seat for your child to ensure that they are safe whilst in the car.