How long does wallpaper last?

A good quality wallpaper can last up to 15 years, providing the conditions of the room that the wallpaper is used in are good. By good, we mean not too high humidity, a room without a constant supply of moisture being added to the room (a bathroom for example) or a particularly hot environment, like a kitchen.

Often, using wallpaper is a cost effective solution to decorate your interior and it will last up the 3 times as long as paint would. Again this depends on the environment, but a good quality wallpaper, should be an investment well made. Although it may seem more expensive in the short term, having to pay for wallpaper, adhesive paste, tools, perhaps even a tradesperson. By applying wallpaper, you will be encouraged to care for your wall, to protect it from bumps and knocks etc which will increase the number of years that it will stay looking in excellent condition.

Anaglypta / Embossed

We have included these two in the same category because they can mostly be described in the same way.

These types of wallpaper are usual left plain of colour and can be painted to create the desired look. They have a unique embossed surface to create a repeating pattern that adds texture and dimension to the wall.

The great thing about this wallpaper is that it can be undated if you become bored with the colour scheme. This wall paper is tough and long lasting and can withstand multiple layers of paint updates over the years without loosing its 3D pattern.

If you have even of bumpy walls, applying unique wallpaper is a great way to cover up and unsightly surface. One that would be made more obvious by using paint alone. Plus it will save hours and hours of filling, sanding and smoothing you walls.

If you are looking to apply wallpaper to a high traffic environment such as a hallway or kitchen, shop or restaurant, you would be wise you invest in a high quality coated paper or a vinyl coated paper. This will help to prevent scuff and tears and make your wall look beautiful for longer.

To create a luxury interior with a theme of tranquility and beauty, you may prefer to use standard wallpaper, particularly an uncoated type. This will give an effortlessly elegant look to your room and equally last a very long time.

In the future after having your luxury wallpaper up for a few years, if it becomes scuffed or dirty, you could always paint it too. If you have an uncoated surface, the paint will adhere well to the paper surface giving a great finish, but it also saves you all the work os stripping the wallpaper and retreating the wall surface. You will already have a good smooth surface to paint onto from the wallpaper.

If your wallpaper has a coated, shiny surface. You may have to do a little more research into which paints will adhere to the surface. It will be possible, but you would need to check with the paint manufacturer or with a sample first.