Choosing a hose pipe

There is a lot to consider when choosing a hosepipe. Yes you could just go out to argos or Homebase and buy the first one you come across, but the money savvy garden buyer knows better than that. A good hosepipe is going to last for many years, so you really don’t want something that is going to annoy you, be too heavy to carry around, be a nightmare to wind up etc. The smart gardener reads online reviews and blog posts about which hoe pipe is best.
hose pipe
Let someone else do the hard work for you, all you have to do is skim through the article of the best garden hose, or one relevant to the item you are looking to buy and pick out your favourite one based on the pros and cons! Simple.
There are top ten reviews and top five reviews on pretty much anything you can buy online now. They really help to save you time and effort doing the research and comparing in deciding what to buy.
The main things we learned from Best Hose on what to think about before choosing which hosepipe to buy is:
1. Can it be wall mounted, this is going to save a lot of space on the floor, but its more difficult to set up before using. Also it is worth considering whether or not you may want to use the hosepipe both on the wall mount and fee standing. Some wall mounted ones, like the Hozelock auto reel for example, can not be used if they are sitting on the floor. they have to be wall mounted in order for you to be able to pull the hose out ad it to auto tell back in.
garden hose
2.  How heavy is it,? Are you going to be happy to carry around a 4kg hosepipe reel stand and store it away for winter? Also regarding storage, think about storing the hosepipe over winter to protect it from frost. Do you have space in your shed or garage to store a full size hose on a reel, or would you be better to have a compact hose, which is the size of an extension lead, or go even smaller, with one of the magic expandable hoses?
3.  How long is it, and do you need to cut a feeder hose to attach to the tap or does it come supplied with one? Also consider the length you really need, don’t buy one that is too long for your garden, remember the spray nozzle shoot the water far beyond the length of the hose.
(You don’t want to be lugging around excess hose that you are never going to use.
4. Is it a universal fitting, like Hozelock, which are compatible with most hose accessories available on the market.
Can you use your garden hose in conjunction with a water butt
5. Are you paying the best price? We have found that the best places to buy large outdoor items from is usually Amazon. They are competitively priced and usually have free UK delivery.