How long does wallpaper last?

A good quality wallpaper can last up to 15 years, providing the conditions of the room that the wallpaper is used in are good. By good, we mean not too high humidity, a room without a constant supply of moisture being added to the room (a bathroom for example) or a particularly hot environment, like a kitchen.

Often, using wallpaper is a cost effective solution to decorate your interior and it will last up the 3 times as long as paint would. Again this depends on the environment, but a good quality wallpaper, should be an investment well made. Although it may seem more expensive in the short term, having to pay for wallpaper, adhesive paste, tools, perhaps even a tradesperson. By applying wallpaper, you will be encouraged to care for your wall, to protect it from bumps and knocks etc which will increase the number of years that it will stay looking in excellent condition.

Anaglypta / Embossed

We have included these two in the same category because they can mostly be described in the same way.

These types of wallpaper are usual left plain of colour and can be painted to create the desired look. They have a unique embossed surface to create a repeating pattern that adds texture and dimension to the wall.

The great thing about this wallpaper is that it can be undated if you become bored with the colour scheme. This wall paper is tough and long lasting and can withstand multiple layers of paint updates over the years without loosing its 3D pattern.

If you have even of bumpy walls, applying unique wallpaper is a great way to cover up and unsightly surface. One that would be made more obvious by using paint alone. Plus it will save hours and hours of filling, sanding and smoothing you walls.

If you are looking to apply wallpaper to a high traffic environment such as a hallway or kitchen, shop or restaurant, you would be wise you invest in a high quality coated paper or a vinyl coated paper. This will help to prevent scuff and tears and make your wall look beautiful for longer.

To create a luxury interior with a theme of tranquility and beauty, you may prefer to use standard wallpaper, particularly an uncoated type. This will give an effortlessly elegant look to your room and equally last a very long time.

In the future after having your luxury wallpaper up for a few years, if it becomes scuffed or dirty, you could always paint it too. If you have an uncoated surface, the paint will adhere well to the paper surface giving a great finish, but it also saves you all the work os stripping the wallpaper and retreating the wall surface. You will already have a good smooth surface to paint onto from the wallpaper.

If your wallpaper has a coated, shiny surface. You may have to do a little more research into which paints will adhere to the surface. It will be possible, but you would need to check with the paint manufacturer or with a sample first.

The New Silver Cross Travel System

A travel system of beauty.
With a sophisticated herringbone pattern in a subtle grey, all of the usual chrome features and elegant black. Those signature wheels and leather handlebar, this travel system, come fashion accessory is really worth checking out.
Perfect for a girl or a boy and super sleek in a trendy grey. Pushing you little one in the new Silver Cross travel system is a sure way to turn heads and to be at the front of baby things fashion trends.
You can find lots of useful resources online to get information on amazing travel systems such as this like baby things
Silver Cross have really gone for a new sophisticated colour palette. Ditching the brights blues and pinks and toning it down to more heritage looking colours.

Must Have Baby Items – Handy Helper

For the next few years you are going to have what seems like a kitchen full of plastic items, bowls plates, cot mattress, forks, spoons, bottles, sippy cups, trays, teats…. The list could go on all day.
What happens when you’re washing up plastic things in a hurry, or casually taking your time in some cases..?
They never, ever seem to just sit on the drainer like regular adult cutlery and tableware.
They don’t fit into the dish rack properly and usually end up rolling around with pools of water left in them.
Use the Handy Helper and all your problems are solves. The rubber prongs grab your items even in obscure positions and hold them in place to dry so that the water can drain out properly!
One of the most important decisions to make when having a baby is choosing which car seat to buy.
Ensure you read lots of car seat reviews before making your choice.
It is very important to get the right car seat for your child to ensure that they are safe whilst in the car.

Painting a mural in a nursery

There are a number of ways you could map out the design if you are not confident to draw it free hand.
You could use a projector, and project the image into the wall and use a pencil to map out the lines.
Go to a photocopier printer shop and you can order prints to be printed on very large paper. You can but out stencils from these to use. If you can’t get paper big enough for what you want to draw or paint. You can get the image printed onto a series of separate sheets of paper that can all be taped together to make one large stencil shape.
wall mural
Alternatively, you could contact a local artist, to commission them to do the painting or artwork for you. They will be happy for the work and the money!
Creating a unique wall for your nursery doesn’t have to be a mural, or have to look like something. You can be extremely creative and get some amazing results with some simple props from around the house. Like masking tape to create block sections of colour, or simple tools for stamping patterns onto the wall.

Choosing a hose pipe

There is a lot to consider when choosing a hosepipe. Yes you could just go out to argos or Homebase and buy the first one you come across, but the money savvy garden buyer knows better than that. A good hosepipe is going to last for many years, so you really don’t want something that is going to annoy you, be too heavy to carry around, be a nightmare to wind up etc. The smart gardener reads online reviews and blog posts about which hoe pipe is best.
hose pipe
Let someone else do the hard work for you, all you have to do is skim through the article of the best garden hose, or one relevant to the item you are looking to buy and pick out your favourite one based on the pros and cons! Simple.
There are top ten reviews and top five reviews on pretty much anything you can buy online now. They really help to save you time and effort doing the research and comparing in deciding what to buy.
The main things we learned from Best Hose on what to think about before choosing which hosepipe to buy is:
1. Can it be wall mounted, this is going to save a lot of space on the floor, but its more difficult to set up before using. Also it is worth considering whether or not you may want to use the hosepipe both on the wall mount and fee standing. Some wall mounted ones, like the Hozelock auto reel for example, can not be used if they are sitting on the floor. they have to be wall mounted in order for you to be able to pull the hose out ad it to auto tell back in.
garden hose
2.  How heavy is it,? Are you going to be happy to carry around a 4kg hosepipe reel stand and store it away for winter? Also regarding storage, think about storing the hosepipe over winter to protect it from frost. Do you have space in your shed or garage to store a full size hose on a reel, or would you be better to have a compact hose, which is the size of an extension lead, or go even smaller, with one of the magic expandable hoses?
3.  How long is it, and do you need to cut a feeder hose to attach to the tap or does it come supplied with one? Also consider the length you really need, don’t buy one that is too long for your garden, remember the spray nozzle shoot the water far beyond the length of the hose.
(You don’t want to be lugging around excess hose that you are never going to use.
4. Is it a universal fitting, like Hozelock, which are compatible with most hose accessories available on the market.
Can you use your garden hose in conjunction with a water butt
5. Are you paying the best price? We have found that the best places to buy large outdoor items from is usually Amazon. They are competitively priced and usually have free UK delivery.

Best garden flower for 2017

Our vote goes to wisteria, we are totally in love with the way it clings to walls or arches and drapes down.
With a delicate lilac/purple flower that looks like bunches of grapes hanging from vines.
Of course it looks even better when it is well established and has been growing for years. Some of the country cottages that’s have had wisteria growing up the for years are absolutely gorgeous, likewise sometimes you see a beautiful tradition London house with a tiled entrance and grand door. When you look up and see wisteria growing and hanging down it makes the property so much more appealing than it already is.

Decorating Your Garden

There are a huge number of ways to cover the ground in your garden. One of the most obvious choices being gravel. It comes in hundreds of different styles and sizes. The cheapest gravel is around £40 per 1 tonne bag and it is a mixed size and colour style. It resembles the look of a probable beach with greys, whites and browns with the odd purple tint.
This is large gravel, which comes in the most different styles. The small gravel is often called pea gravel and each piece is around the size of a pea. There isn’t usually much difference in price between the regular cheap gravel above and the basic pea gravel.
The benefits of large gravel are that its more sturdy, particularly if you are needed to park a car on the gravel or place other heavy objects on it.
It also looks better, more defined and you can get a greater variety of styles, from recycled glass gravel to white gravel to pebbles, to slate.
The downside is that these are usually more expensive and require more hard work. Also, it takes a lot more gravel to cover the same amount of area if you want a good layer of coverage. Because each stone is quite large, it creates gaps where the gravel sits on top of each other. If you have black weed stopper fabric below the gravel it may be visible unless you have a thick layer of gravel.
Also, even the tiniest gaps between the gravel pieces allow light to get in, making it much easier for weeds to grow!
Small gravel, like pea gravel has it advantages and disadvantages too.
On the plus side, it is easier to spread as it is lighter and smaller, this also means that it covers more ground quickly and you can get away with a thinner spread of gravel to achieve even coverage. (Than if you used large gravel.)
This type of small gravel is more noisy than large gravel when you are walking on it. It is impossible to walk ow without the crunching sounds. On one hand this is good for safety, you can hear anyone walking around outside before you see them. On the other hand, it can be annoying to hear the constant sound of gravel under your feet and it moves around more meaning you might have to sweep it back into place.
When you think of gravel to choose from you also have to take into consideration the best garden hose to use for your garden. Hozelock hoses are the best and you can get some great hozelock spares to attach and customise.
Whichever gravel you choose just be sure to do some epic weed killing first. Otherwise they will find their way up through the gravel no matter how thick it is. The black fabric is best because it still allows moisture to soak through, you are not going to create drainage problems by using this underneath your gravel. If you can, apply it with double thickness, the friction on the fabric from the gravel over time can wear the fabric out creating patches. Better to future proof by applying a double layer of fabric now sooner than later!
Many people think a weather sensor to water their garden is too high tech and unnecessary. However once is it is place, it eliminates the need to have to spent half an hour watering the garden every day in the summer. You can set it up to a sprinkler system and sit back and relax whilst the time does the hard work for you.
Some of the fancy timers like the Hozelock plus also haven weather sensors, so you don’t have do anything at all. If the weather is drizzly or rainy, the sensor will know not to water your grass!